Love Story


We craft cinematic masterpieces that tell your love story with unmatched sophistication and elegance.

Our couples put their hearts and devotion into their wedding. We honor their dedication by giving our couples a beautiful final product equivalent to their unique love story!

We love working with couples whose top priority is quality cinematography for their wedding.

We highlight raw emotions with our cinematic style that goes above and beyond showcasing those unforgettable moments.

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Our process

Bridal morning.

Preparation &

First Looks

Decorated Aisle For Wedding Ceremony with High Ceiling

ceremony &


Groom Crying During Wedding

Raw emotion &

cinematic style


How are we DIFFERENT?

I'm glad you asked...

We are completely hands-on with each project.

We design and tailor shots according to the activity, couple, time of day, venue, weather, etc.

As a result, we present our couples with an emotional and inspiring wedding film!

Who are we?

I'm Maison and that's my

wife Libbe. We are creatives and storytellers at our core!

Our story started mid-May

2014 in SOHO with a clueless

chump and a truly glamorous lady,

who was intrigued by disbelief

(ask us about what).

As our love grew so did our

appreciation for the wedding

industry. We infused my love of

filmmaking and paired it with her

keen eye for beauty and elegance

— enter Love Story Cinematic!


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